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Not random

Every time I open the app and shake to randomize my list I get 1 or 2 of the same things from a list of 15. Was a little hard to figure out how to make my own list. Once I put in the list it basically does the job. But I would have expected more since there were free choices out there.

Old fan. New complaints.

I love this app but I've noticed recently that it isn't very random anymore. I can guess the first 3-5 selections every time as in it's always the same thing. 3 out of 5 for this reason. Otherwise 5 stars hands down.

Great app!

As a martial artist, I want to randomize my curriculum that way I can truly know it. I haven't found any apps since "T.V Night Picker" (which is long since gone) This app allows me to input whatever I want (the curriculum) and then, without having to delete it, I can select it to do no repeats so I can get through everything. Truly a great randomizer, I'm sorry to see that this isn't higher on the App Store. Good job Dev's thanks for your help!


Does what it says effectively


Doesn't work that well.

Fun App

I use it all the time. Helps with the hard decisions in life...

My review

Good use of money

old bugs fixed, this is a cool, useful app!

Hey folks, the developer has done some great work here, creating a fun, easy-to-use app for anyone needing random selections generated quickly. Earlier it had some growing pains (what iApp didn't??) but Randomizer is now totally stable, works well, and it allows tremendous flexibility in creating our own custom lists. All in all, a great, fun, easy, useful app.

This app NEEDS work!

I bought this app so I could create my own category (a list of student names) and randomly pick from the list. This app seems capable of doing this, but is so poorly written (or full of bugs) that it NEVER works!!! I entered data 5 different times and each time it gets completely jumbled. Even the preloaded choices are beginning to get scrambled with some of the data I tried to enter in my own set. I love the idea and potential of this app, but without an update with fixes, I just wasted $.99 (Hmmm, maybe I should rate it higher so more people will spend money and then force IAM Web Services to actually create something that actually works - NOPE - honesty always works out best in the end).

Buggy, Lame

Very buggy, can't create new entries. Lame interface. Don't waste your money or your time on this one.

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